Has your game design experience ruined video games for you?

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Hi sean! I’m terribly sorry for posting this here but honestly I don’t know where to poat this and this forum seemed the most appropriate place. I read in an interview with a movie director that after having made several successful movies, movies were ruined for him because he knew what was going on behind the scenes. Instead of feeling what an audience member should feel he would be too preoccupied with wondering how the movie had achieved a certain camera angle or subconsciously criticizing mistakes that most wouldn’t notice. Do you feel similarly towards video games in that you are dissecting the game the same way one dissects a frog in order to learn morw about it but in the process of doing so the game much like the frog dies.

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I can’t speak for Sean, but this is a question that I’ve examined within myself a lot since attending grad school for game design. It’s actually a question I asked one of my grad school professors (Bruce Block, in case Sean is curious) regarding movies.
His response was that he does tend to over-focus on that stuff the second or third time he sees a movie, but if the movie is sufficiently well-constructed it grabs him no matter what: that’s the genius of well-done art.
For me, I would say something similar. I think that it ultimately improves my experience. It does mean that I notice bad design a lot more, which generally means I can’t enjoy bad games in the same mindless way that I maybe used to. Or there are things that I find harder to forgive in my games. (Then again, my game design experience means there are a lot of frustrating things in games that I am now much more forgiving of because I understand how things like that end up in a game.)

But the flip side of that is that good design is now something I notice also, and that makes me really excited about the games I play, and really excited to play indie games that take risks and do things in new and untried ways. It adds a level of depth to my appreciation that I never had before, so overall I personally count it a win.

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Awesome answer, thanks for your reply! Pity Sean hasn’t answered this, because I’m really curious of his answer.

on April 17, 2015

He’s been a very busy bee recently; I have a good feeling that he’ll enjoy answering this when he has the chance. :)

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